With Over 18 years of experience, Avalon UK Ltd. is a leading provider of Integrated Solutions of IT, Network & Telecom products and services for small, medium and large industries all over the world. We are focused on empowering businesses with cutting edge technology supported by our highly qualified and technically well versed professionals. Since its inception in 2000 in London, United Kingdom, Avalon has been the preferred IT, Networks and Telecom solutions partner to more than 1000 organizations in the government and private sector extending all over the world.


Avalon UK Ltd. has always worked  towards building on the commitment  to deliver timely, cost effective, state-of-the-art and more than satisfying products and business solutions. This is complemented by a winning combination of best  performance, competitive pricing and excellent technical support and service. The trust and loyalty of our clientele has helped us in achieving this constant growth.

Avalon UK Ltd. sells its product range under the brand name ‘Avalon’ which is a world-class premium performance end-to-end infrastructure solution designed, manufactured, supported and delivered without compromise. We are driven by a team of industry experts, ensuring the latest innovation and manufacturing capabilities are implemented to surpass industry standards for quality, performance, technical compliance and ease of installation and use.

With an emphasis on compatibility and standards compliance ‘from cable to rack’, reliability and product availability, Avalon is the complete trusted solution. Though the brand was launched in London, United Kingdom, Avalon has enjoyed formidable growth and is sold all over Middle East today. Avalon has offices in Europe, America, Canada and the Middle East. 

Avalon has used its expertise to build a comprehensive range of high quality copper, fiber optic products like cable rolls, patch cords, patch panels, pigtails (multimode and singlemode), wall and splice boxes and a full range of network racks, switches and accessories to be used in local, wide area networking and telecommunication applications . The meteoric rise of the brand reflects a growing demand throughout EMEA for a reliable, standards-compliant, readily available, structured cabling and racking system. Avalon is able to deliver this mix through a growing base of distributors and integrators across the region which combines to make the brand an increasingly viable option. With a focus on system performance, independent verification and a 15 year product and application warranty when installed by an Avalon partner, it’s easy to see why this is the system of choice in many government, education, retail, finance and enterprise installations.


Our unique consultative approach towards the requirements of our customers is a key to our success. We first understand the business model or requirements of our customer, then design an IT solution that would best suit their current needs and future growth.


We have a strong and market-driven executive team with a vision that drives the mutual growth of both Avalon and its clients. Avalon has a highly qualified and skilled team of professionals coming from different nationalities, education and cultural backgrounds. All our team members are technically qualified, making them competent to understand both the business and technology requirements of our clients.


We endeavor to keep ourselves up -to -date with the latest and best offerings in the market, so that our Customers are provided with the most innovative and advanced technologies at all times.


We aim and strive to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction by addressing to the most critical requirements with our latest technologies, technical expertise and know-how. We work hard to provide our clients with the necessary infrastructure, so that they can continue to be more successful and get established as leaders in their industry.