2 Core Flexi-Drop Cable - FTTH Indoor/Outdoor

Brand: Avalon

Product Code: ANFTTH-SM-02-IN / ANFTTH-SM-02-OUT

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Avalon 2-fiber single-mode all dielectric Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Outdoor drop cable is color-coded in blue and orange optical fibers. The outdoor FTTH flat cable outer sheath is flame retardant black PE with supporting 1mm FRP rod. Fibers used are bending insensitive making it possible for applications requiring multiple bends. Cables can directly be buried considering its resistance against crush and impact conditions. The 2-fiber single-mode all dielectric Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Indoor drop cable is color-coded in red and green, 2 Fibers embedded in sheath along with 2 ARP/FRP rods, The outer jacket is made of LSZH/LSOH material, applicable for indoor application. It is designed for internal FTTH applications horizontal and riser and clipping to surfaces including skirting boards.



 Outdoor Grade


 As per ITU-T REC. G.657A

 EC Specifications 60793-2-50 Type B1.3

 Uncoated wire 2mm FRP Suspension Support


FRP Rod embedded in the sheath

 Telcordia's GR-20-CORE

 Notched construction for easy stripping

 ISO/IEC 11802 0S-1

 Flame Retardant Black Polyethylene cable jacket 


 Core Diameter 9 pm


 LSZH black jacketing material



Fire Performance

 Fire Test Description 

 Fire Test Specification

 Smoke Emission

 IEC 61034-1&2


 IEC 60332-1


 IEC 60754-1

 Acid Gas Emission

 IEC 60754-2


Ordering Information

 Part Number



 2 Core Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Outdoor Optical Fiber Cable - Singlemode


 2 Core Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Indoor Optical Fiber Cable - Singlemode

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