Fan Filter Kit

Brand: Avalon

Product Code: AN-120X120-FK

Availability: 10000


Avalon Filter kit eliminates dust and harmful particles from entering the enclosure. Filters attach to fan kits or mount to the enclosure top and bottom vent patterns. These kits are easy to install and simple to clean. These kits reduce external fan noise while minimizing air resistance. This fan filter kit is built to lower the Noise from the Fan.



•      Retainer & Guard Material: Flame retardant ABS plastic.

•      Retainer & Guard Color: Standard black.

•      Filter Material: Polyurethane foam (PU).

•      Filter Density: 40ppi, 60ppi (pores per inch). 



·         Height: 4.88’

·         Width: 4.88’’

·         Thickness: 0.44’’ 



·         Retainer: Plastic

·         Filter: Polyurethane Foam

·         Guard: Plastic



•     Easy to Install

The guard has four holes which can be screwed onto any cooling fan with a 120 Millimeter square frame. The retainer can be easily clipped on and off the guard to reach the filter piece for cleaning.

•     Keeps Equipment Clean

The fan filter prevents up to 80% of dust particles from passing through the fan. The Fans move large volumes of air which contain traces of dust. The filter reduces dust from accumulating on the fan and in the area the fan blows at.


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